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Turn your survey response verbatims into actionable management information.

Our Mission

We strive to ensure a seamless and transparent flow between our clients and our team by providing superior personalized service. We are consistently proactive in all aspects of customer service. Our goal is to exceed expectations, rather than simply meet them.

Our Story

After close to 30 years of managing coders and thousands of studies, our founding partner, Lynn Martin, decided to open a boutique coding service for marketing research. Due to her background in all aspects of quantitative studies, from survey design and data collection to final tabulations and presentations, she acquired a well-rounded knowledge of the various puzzle pieces that make up a typical project.

Our Team

Our senior coders all have 10+ years of experience in the industry. We apply our knowledge and expertise to suit each client's individual needs, providing them with the highest quality data while meeting their timing requirements. We have coders who are fluent in many languages including the full range of European languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more.


At CodingExperts, we provide the highest quality verbatim coding using the industry’s leading software, Language Logic’s ASCRIBE™. With this software, codes can be viewed and approved online on a real-time basis. The system shows relationships between coded and closed-end responses providing greater understanding and accuracy. Verbatim responses are individually read and coded.

Our Services

General & Medical Verbatim Coding

  • Coding using existing codebooks

  • Building new codebooks, both broad and granular

  • Coding by industry guidelines or your specific company’s standards

  • Coding is done through Language Logic’s Ascribe™ unless otherwise requested

  • Multi-language coding: Coding can either be done in-language (with codebooks in English) or translations can be provided.

Project Direction and Management

  • Project consultation & management

  • Date editing/cleaning

  • Tabulations

  • Data imports/exports (SPSS, Excel, Word, etc.)

  • Statistical Testing

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Data Entry

  • Column coding questionnaires

  • Data entry

  • Verbatim capture

Outputs and Data Presentation

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint and Word templates/presentations

  • Quantum

  • SPSS Syntax Data (ASCII)

  • SAV Numeric

  • Charts & Graphs

  • Crosstabs & Pivot tables

Client Testimonials

“I have been in the marketing research industry since 1964 and in all those years I have only worked with three coders/coding managers that I would consider “Hall of Fame” material. Having worked with Lynn since the early 90s, I view her as one of those three. With the new tools available such as Ascribe™, Lynn becomes the best of the best. Language Logic has used Lynn’s ideas and advice to streamline the Ascribe software, making the program more efficient and productive. I can not say enough about how diligent and hard-working she is. Using a sports metaphor, Lynn is the ”Babe Ruth” of coders, none better!”

Allen Falk, Owner, STARS, Inc.

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