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Healthcare Research

In the currently volatile and evolving world of healthcare, it's more important than ever to find a research partner with superior industry knowledge along with the resources to analyze your data accurately and rapidly.

Since 2005 we have consistently coded hundreds of jobs per year within the healthcare arena. These studies range from those conducted by insurance companies measuring customer and provider satisfaction to pharmaceutical and biotech companies focusing on existing products as well as new product development.

Spotlight on Coding Experts Healthcare Research Specialty

Suzanne Simpson

Director of Data Services

DSS Research

“Lynn and her team provide a top-quality, scalable solution to verbatim coding. Netting is intuitive, coding is consistent and work is typically completed in advance of the deadlines requested. Lynn is quick to respond to custom requests and frequently recommends ways to improve the final product. I first began using Lynn for coding services over a decade ago and still feel confident recommending her today.”